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Sources, Sinks and Solutions for the Impact of Plastic on Coastal Communities in Viet Nam

What is the 3SIP2C project?

Sources, Sinks, and Solutions for the Impact of Plastics on Coastal Communities in Viet Nam (3SIP2C) is a multidisciplinary project carried out by researchers in the UK and Viet Nam.

Our aim is to better understand the flow, pathways, and destinations of plastic waste and particles of large and small size (macroplastics and microplastics) in the rivers and coasts of Viet Nam.

How is this plastic impacting local communities and natural ecosystems? Does it have negative effects on businesses such as aquaculture or tourism? How does it impact human and animal health, especially through microplastics?

We explore these questions along with national policy on plastic waste management and work together with our international and local partners to identify effective interventions and raise awareness. We aim to help coastal communities tackle the plastic problem. 

Our 5 work areas

Our research is organised in five interlinked thematic areas.