3SIP2C at SIEF 2023, Brno

June 10, 2023

The International Society for Ethnology and Folklore recently hosted its much-anticipated biannual conference, SIEF 2023, in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic. This gathering brought together experts and researchers from around the world to delve into this year’s theme “Living with Uncertainty”. Dr Inna Yaneva Toraman and Dr Vũ Kim Chi, representing the 3SIP2C project, presented a thought-provoking paper during one of the panels focusing on human-environment relationships.

Exploring the Panel:
Organized by Francesco Vettori from the University of Bologna and Janice Trajano from Universidade Federal de Pelotas, the panel titled “Circular economy practices: facing global uncertainty through local strategies” offered interesting insights on small-scale circular practices from across the globe. The speakers explored examples from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Melanesia which illustrated how economic and legal processes have led to the transformation, loss, or resistance of such practices and the social relations that they maintain.

Insights on Small-Scale Circular Practices:
In their stimulating presentation, Dr Inna Yaneva Toraman and Dr Vũ Kim Chi combined findings from extensive research, including Inna’s PhD fieldwork and the 3SIP2C project, to shed light on the profound connections between human societies and their environment. Their paper, titled “Relational Bottles: Perspectives from Viet Nam and Papua New Guinea on connectivity, visibility, and circular practices as a response to global crises and local aspiration,” explored the creative utilization, reuse, circulation, and disposal of plastic bottles in communities where infrastructure is limited. Through compelling examples, they illustrated how these seemingly mundane objects serve as conduits connecting people, places, and various systems (such as the economic, infrastructural, social, and political systems).

Engaging in Stimulating Discussions:
Following the presentation, the participants engaged in a stimulating discussion about the emphasis on economic development in circular economy models and initiatives. The exchange of ideas and perspectives sparked a lively conversation, exploring the implications, challenges, and potential of circular practices in fostering sustainable development and addressing global crises.

SIEF 2023 offered an enriching platform for scholars and experts to convene and delve into the intricate dynamics between human societies, the environment, and circular economy practices. The conference undoubtedly left attendees inspired and equipped with fresh insights to further explore the potential of circular economy models in a rapidly changing world.



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